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Empowering Healthcare with ​Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to QTalent.ai, where innovation meets ​healthcare in the heart of Qatar. We are pioneers in ​transforming medical care through cutting-edge AI ​technology, offering comprehensive solutions designed ​to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and accessibility of ​healthcare services. Our suite of AI-powered products ​encompasses Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Medical ​Imaging PACS, Laboratory Management, Pharmacy ​Services, and Telehealth—all tailored to meet the ​evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients alike

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About Us

Our Vision

We envision a world where healthcare is predictive, ​personalized, and accessible to all. Based in Qatar, our ​mission is to leverage the power of artificial intelligence ​to revolutionize healthcare services, making them more ​efficient, accurate, and patient-centere

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Our commitment to excellence and innovation has driven us to develop solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of the ​modern healthcare industry.

AI Solutions

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AI Solutions for X-Rays Report

We offer AI-driven solutions for chest X-rays, utilizing cutting-edge ​techniques and technologies in artificial intelligence, including ​machine learning and deep learning. These methods have ​significantly enhanced clinical decision support systems. Our AI ​techniques applied to chest X-rays aid in improving clinical outcomes ​and advancing research in this field, providing substantial benefits to ​our clients.

Our developed AI algorithms for chest X-rays are capable of:

  • Distinguishing between normal and abnormal X-rays
  • Detecting COVID-19
  • Identifying tuberculosis
  • Generating second reads of chest X-rays
  • Detecting pneumonia
Hospital CT Scanner

AI Solution for CT Scans:

Detection and Characterization of ​Pulmonary Nodules

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Our AI solution for CT chest images identifies and classifies ​pulmonary nodules as either benign or malignant. It operates ​across all series and images from CT scans of the chest and ​abdomen to detect various types of pulmonary nodules. These ​nodules are small, rounded areas of opacity within the ​pulmonary interstitium and are common in human lungs.

The system can distinguish benign nodules, which generally ​appear smoother, more regularly shaped, and have a uniform ​color, from cancerous nodules, which are more likely to be ​irregularly shaped and exhibit changes in response to contrast ​used during the CT scan.

Additionally, our project has developed a 3D visualization ​feature that not only displays the nodules within the chest but ​also tracks their location over time

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AI Solution for medicine dispensing

Timely medication dispensing is crucial for managing chronic ​diseases. Our AI-based solution enhances this process by ​providing several key features:

  • Medication Reminders: Automatically reminds patients ​when to take their medication, ensuring adherence to ​prescribed treatment plans.
  • Condition Monitoring: Utilizes data from dedicated devices ​to detect changes or specific conditions in patients.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Advises on the appropriate ​medication to take at specific hours and days, tailored to ​each patient's unique health status.
  • Enhanced Treatment Effectiveness: Ensures medications are ​taken at the optimal time for maximum therapeutic ​effectiveness
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Our Services


Software Development

Our solution turns ideas into ​advanced, user-friendly software ​tailored for your business's growth ​and efficiency, using agile methods ​and the latest technologies for ​exceptional results

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EMR / ERP Implementation

Our healthcare informatics resources ​capable of providing support in ​implementation, upgrade projects, ​writing and running of test scripts, ​training of the solutions for end users, ​workflow analysis, and acting as liaison ​between Information Technology and ​business.

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Mobile App Development

Our Mobile app developing solutions ​high-performing native and hybrid ​mobile apps for iOS and Android ​devices

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Why Choose Us?

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Cutting-edge AI technology tailored to the unique ​needs of the healthcare sector. A team of experts ​dedicated to delivering high-quality, impactful ​solutions. Our technology is designed with the ​patient's needs and experience at the forefront. ​Based in Qatar, we bring world-class healthcare ​innovations to the Middle East and beyond.

Innovative Solutions


Local Presence

Expertise & Excellence

Compliance and Security

Global Standards

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